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Latest News
At our Annual General Meeting on 19th November Beverley Withers was elected to be our new President and Iain Corran was elected to be our new Secretary and Membership Secretary. Our former President, George Brydon agreed to take over as Vice-President. Contact details for all our officers can be found here.

Details of our Christmas Fuddle on 29th December and the New Year Lunch on 14th January can be found here.

The Friendship Force of Derbyshire is part of a world-wide network of over 18000 people, belonging to 400 clubs in 70 countries whose mission is to promote world peace and understanding by creating an environment where individual friendships can be established across the barriers that separate people. It does this primarily through an extensive program of homestay exchanges.

Since the founding of Friendship Force International in 1977, nearly a million volunteer Ambassadors and Hosts have participated in such exchanges, with over 300 new exchanges taking place every year across all five continents of our world.

The Friendship Force of Derbyshire was established in 1982 and is part of the UK network of 14 clubs with around 500 members. We normally host one or two visits each year of between five and seven days, and send Ambassadors to stay with another club once or twice each year.

More details of who we are, what we do, how to find out more and how to join can be found by clicking on the appropriate items in the menu on the left of this page.


Last updated on 20 November 2017
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