What We Do


The Friendship Force was founded in 1977 with the intention of encouraging people throughout the world to visit each other in their homes and to make lasting friends in the process – friendships that can, in their own small way, help to improve the goal of peace throughout the world. Members of the Friendship Force subscribe to the following pledge:

As a member of The Friendship Force,
I recognise that I can make a difference.
I recognise that I have a mission.
That mission is to be a friend to the people of the world.

As I embark on this adventure,
I know that others will be watching me.
I know that through my example to my fellow citizens
and the people of other nations,
the cause of friendship, love and peace can be furthered.

I can make a difference!

Each year the central office of the Friendship Force International, in Atlanta, Georgia, asks each of the hundreds of clubs worldwide for the areas of the world that they would like to conduct an exchange with. The central office then uses all these requests to create a provisional programme of exchanges for the following year, and invites individual clubs to agree to these exchanges or, if the proposal is not agreeable for some reason, to reject them.

Once the exchanges have been agreed, each club appoints one of its members to be the Exchange Director for that exchange and he/she will liaise with their opposite number to agree the exact dates of the exchange and how the incoming group will arrive and depart. The host Exchange Director will arrange for the members of the visiting group, known as ambassadors, to stay with members of the host club, and will organise a programme of visits and other events to enable the visiting ambassadors to obtain the maximum benefit from their visit. Details of our past exchanges can be found here, while some photographs taken during recent exchanges can be found here.

In Derbyshire,as in most other clubs, we also have a programme of social events for our own members as well as informal exchanges with clubs elsewhere in the United Kingdom and, occasionally, elsewhere in Europe. In all these activities we strive to prove that

A World of Friends is a World of Peace

Last updated on 22 April 2017
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